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Unfortunately, there is no adjustable cam pulley avaliable for the car. I'd have to have one custom made which is a possibility and I have looked into it somewhat. Another thing with it is that there is only one cam pulley, but it is a DOHC engine. The two cams are geared together under the valve cover. Retarding one retards both. So, it acts the same as a SOHC would with an adjustable cam timing pulley. Here is a picture of the cams. The cam timing pulley goes on the end of the exhaust cam which is the one on the top.

The exhaust that is on there now is totally custom. There isn't a single piece of the original left. The CAT is 2" along with everything else.

I'm real interested in weight reduction. There isn't much that can go from the car that I'm willing to part with. I do like what little sound deadener I have and I'm not stripping interior panneling. The car weighs in at 2075 lbs (941kg) curb weight which is reasonable.
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