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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
People don't like facts, they like hyperbole and sensationalism. It's a way to be lazy yet maintain an opinion.
Repeating the methods of "don'T rump" is no way to MAINTAIN your points. Meanwhile:

Virginian re-pubic-lick-uns used stupendously complex, immoral & undemocratic gerrymandering, to MAINTAIN power in Virginia, despite losing popular votes by 200,000. Now that the Courts partially redistricted some of Virginia, both re-pubic-lick-un houses couldn't MAINTAIN their power & both became Democratic....
Hyperbole.....dictionary partial definition: like "mile-high ice cream cones".
Virginian re-pubic-lick-uns got their mile-high ice cream cones melted to puddles.

More hyperbole:
So redpoint is eating crow today..... & dirty, melted ice cream.

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