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So far today I've viewed some awesome stuff on architecture (SUPERHOUSE - architecture & interiors beyond the everyday and How do you build a sacred space? | Siamak Hariri) but right now it's Vinay Gupta: The Cities That Will Walk Away

He's addressing the idea of resettling 5% of the world's population. I think sendler would like it because he addresses the overwhelming scale of the problem. I like it because he dates his enlightenment to when he visited Steven Gaskin's The Farm in Tennessee. he moving on to his hexayurt design at Burning Man and open source design. And Coroplast!

because the building industry is kind of a
gigantic ripoff. But there's no reason that we couldn't apply these kind
of principles to a new kind of emergency urbanism and then back propagate
that into the real world as a way of enormously reducing the price
of housing globally. And the overpricing of housing comes
from market manipulation and terrible engineering practice. Housing doesn't
have to be this expensive. We could fix it if you would let engineers
build houses rather than architects.
I'm starting to like this guy.

High frequency trading not fit for purpose, blockchain moots speed-of-light lag.

and as we're forced into reality, we can get to grips with problems
like climate but it also comes at the cost of having to clean
up our act in terms of where the manufactured goods are manufactured and
what the consequences are there. So the future that I see is that
we build a world which is fundamentally more economically efficient, but
also a world which is fundamentally more just,
because the tools that we need for economic efficiency are
identical to the tools that we need for justice.
The actual software that you need to run an efficient world is also
the software that you need to run a just world. Efficiency and justice,
when you fundamentally get down to it, rely on exactly the same data
And that's all I had to say. Thank you.
Following on through my being a Civil Affairs officer in the military, through manufacturing geodesic dome housing, to supporting anarcho-capitalism this resonates with me. We should go down fighting, with flat-pack relocatable cities that offer employment and conditional sovreignty to those who can't ever go home again. Me like.
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