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Originally Posted by Xist View Post
The custodian told me to start the engine and disconnect the negative terminal. If it dies the alternator is bad.
I replaced the alternator on my last Accord!

Wouldn't the negative terminal be required to run the car at all, circuits and all?

A quick Google search says to not follow that recommendations, it can damage the electronics. Everyone on CarTalk seemed to agree and the next search result was a page on Troubleshooters.Com called "Don't Disconnect the Battery with the Engine Running."

Trying that would be simple enough, but if I am already going to AutoZone...
Years ago on cars of the 70's and earlier before computers and so many electronics disconnecting the battery would tell you if the alternator was bad and didn't hurt anything. If the car continued to run it was running off the alternator. If it died well you know the rest of the story. I think a lot of the problem is they're just not making batteries as good as they use to. When I replaced the battery in my mom's Grand Marquis several years ago I was getting top of the line batteries with a 3 year replacement warranty. I think it was replaced either 3 or 4 times before I finally got a good one. Some were only lasting a few months. My son just replaced a battery that was still under free replacement warranty in his Dodge truck a few weeks ago. Also for the last few year I'd been having to replace the battery in mom's riding mower about every year. Sure enough when I went to start it this spring it was dead and wouldn't take a charge. I cut the ends off the cables and replaced them with terminals for a car battery and put a car battery in that sucker. Haven't had a problem starting that 15.5 HP engine since. I figured paying $55. for a car battery at Rural King and it lasting several years would be cheaper than paying $20-$25 every year and would be a lot less aggravation. If I remember correctly the battery that I put in it has a 2 year free replacement and 5 year pro rated warranty.

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