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Originally Posted by Galvatron1 View Post
Does cheap fuel rob MPG?
Ethanol content and quality will affect MPG

The expensive premium grades that some companies like to advertise - like Shell's V-power - have been tested here in Belgium, and while they actually do offer a slight MPG advantage, this simply doesn't offset the equally premium price for it.

(Premium petrol works better to reduce MPG, than premium diesel BTW)

If you can get the big brand stuff for the same price, go for it

In Europe, there's also little benefit when running 98 RON instead of 95 RON

Is it true running your tank all the way to empty can bring up sediment deposits into your engine & damage it?
That's what your fuel filter is there for

And there should be much goo at the bottom of the tank anyways .

What's the lowest you feel comfortable running your gas tank to?
I usually fill up whey the light comes on
Sometimes a bit earlier, sometimes a bit later

I don't mind running it down to an estimated 10-20 miles remaining range either

Unless you let it idle for ages, which an ecomodder wouldn't do, you can't run the fuel pump in a very low fuel condition for very long, or you'd run out of fuel
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