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Originally Posted by oil pan 4 View Post
I drive a Nissan leaf. Do you even have an EV?
I had an EV bicycle ten plus years ago, that I loved. Someone stole it. U got a used Leaf that takes you as far as a falling leaf travels in a wind storm. Wait. Do u have an easily abused battery pack? Maybe u can't go as far as a leaf, blowing in the wind & that's why u got the Leaf cheap.
Took my car on a sweet 600mile day trip over a mountain range, across a big river & up to another pass & then, onto a 3000 foot plateau, across the state, into another state & back. Your Leaf would have never made it to the top of the first pass. You'd be saying, "Where do I change?" & there wouldn't be a place to charge for 20miles.... & then only if you back tracked. Oh yeah. You would have been charging in the dark, too..... if you ever made it to a charger.
Oh, that's right. You don't drive your EV very far, so you ain't in any trouble...... yet. They say the Leaf goes a hundred miles. Is that true? Or is it like 60 miles, so you don't abuse your battery by charging it all the way up or discharging it all the way down. Sixty miles...... ya got a deal, tho. Or is it 50miles (& getting less) & slow?

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