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I live in a hot climate, so I put louvers in the hood of my Mazda and a couple of other vehicles in order to vent off engine bay heat. I also have a small scavenger fan blowing hot air out of the louvers when the temperatures get too high. I use the fan when needed in stop-and-go traffic and when I shut the engine down in hot weather. All this helps give some relief to such items as the battery.

I've found that with the louvers, the engine bay does not rise above outside ambient temperatures while running on the highway. In stop-and-go traffic with the air conditioner running and when stopping the engine after a run, engine bay temperatures can climb sky-high, and that's when I turn on the scavenger fan.

I've found these measures significantly reduce the high engine bay temperatures which can be detrimental to a lot of under-hood equipment, including batteries.

I've read that more auto batteries are killed from high under-hood temperatures than from any other single reason. I'm doing what I can to alleviate those temperatures and keep the battery from suffering a young and tragic end.
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