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Originally Posted by litesong View Post
All AGW denier arguments.
Hard scientific facts I'm afraid

A video camera zoomed in on a fellow, decked out in fishing garb with waders, standing in a pond. A tighter view showed he held a baseball & glove. He said he used to play baseball on the field he was in.....
Over here, Belgium/Netherlands, the land is subsiding as Northern Scandinavia is being lifted - bouncing back up after losing the weight of its ice-cap.
We were on the edge of that ice cap ... being pushed UP as the ice cap built up and pushed Scandinavia down
Now the reverse is happening

Came across a page on post-glacial rebound, when looking up just how much northern Scandinavia has been lifted (it's still being lifted up )
Didn't find that right away - but its like 800m or thereabout ...

But did find that Maryland and the US East and West Coast are sinking quite a bit due to post-glacial rebound around central Canada

We have the same in Belgium and the Netherlands .

If you want to get a grasp on how fast things can change in northern Scandinavia:

Coastline rising 300+ meters in 10000 years
Over 3m per century
1.5m in 50 years

You should find similar things in north America, and especially northern Canada (rising a LOT ! )
But as it's a bigger continuous landmass, things won't appear to change as drastically in the US as in Europe
Shorelines illustrate it best

Here global warming and rising waters since the ice age, have (re)created the English Channel again, and refilled most of the North Sea ...
A lot of the North Sea and all of the channel is less than 100-120m deep - the height the sea level rose after the ice age ... in less than 10000 years

It's quite fascinating to read about
And lot more info now than back in the late 80s ...

The worst thing you can believe is that things won't or don't change.
They do. And they will.
Some in your lifetime. Some not.
Some more/faster than you might expect !

If you built close to shore like along Highway 1 in CA, or close to the edge of say the White Cliffs along the English Channel, then yes, it gets very simple: you will regret that one day ... possibly sooner than expected.
'Cos sandy shores will be eaten away, and the cliffs will crumple further

People have a tendency to build in high-risk areas, and think nothing will happen.
Goes back to well before Pompei ...

while they wait for the ice age.
Gonna be a while still, though
But it'll likely come
After the interglacial spike - if it is one indeed.
Essentially no-one has ever witnessed or properly documented the end of an interglacial
Spikes get washed out and flattened, averaged out in ancient data thru uncertainty in measurements

We really don't even know for sure what triggers a flip-over either way
Lots of theories though

We simply don't know if earth is about to come out of the ice ages , or not.
We're still in one,
even though we think we see high temperatures.
Interglacials are a bit of a mis-nomer
They're merely warmer spells in what is still a long, cold period for earth
But as Ice Age has been used for the really cold spells in the cold period, people have the tendency to think it's warm now, while it really isn't.

We could just as well be witnessing the start of the very end of like 2,5 million years of ice-age
And fail to realize it, thinking it's man-made global warming ...

We won't know until after it's done
And we won't be around to see it
Mankind, maybe ...

I always laugh when these discussions pop up, thinking of my old geology professor
One of those old-timers who went down to Antarctica, drilling ice cores by hand ...

He warned us, back in the late 80s, in tempore non suspecto, that people would claim the coming of a new ice age, while others would claim we'll fry

His claim:
They'll both be wrong ... and they'll both be right
For a while
And they won't have a clue

He's still spot-on ...

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