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Originally Posted by euromodder View Post
..... the land is subsiding as Northern Scandinavia is being lifted - bouncing back up after losing the weight of its ice-cap......Now the reverse is happening......Came across a page on post-glacial rebound.... and the US East and West Coast are sinking quite a bit due to post-glacial rebound..... (re)created the English Channel again, and refilled most of the North Sea ... the White Cliffs along the English Channel
'Cos sandy shores will be eaten away, and the cliffs will crumple further.... We could just as well be witnessing the start of the very end of like 2,5 million years of ice-age
And fail to realize it, thinking it's man-made global warming ...
Yeah, its remarkable that you read a few articles & think the scientists never knew such things & never accounted for your.... "new knowledge".
You are the classic AGW denier, knowing more than scientists.

Your "new knowledge" has all been said before, by AGW deniers.
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