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I actually rub shoulders with some climate scientists.

Originally Posted by litesong View Post
Yeah, its remarkable that you read a few articles & think the scientists never knew such things & never accounted for your.... "new knowledge".
You are the classic AGW denier, knowing more than scientists.

Your "new knowledge" has all been said before, by AGW deniers.
I do volunteer tutoring for undergrad students at several of the local universities. I get to rub shoulders with climate students and their professors. They seem less sure of the media proposed climate disasters. They are willing to debate the points and take notes. They admit that "modern climatology" is in it's infancy. And they readily admit their studies are skewed towards pro-AGW since there are no grants to be had to do no-AGW studies. They do admit that current climate models are just that - models.

If professors and their underlings say as much, what is the basis for your authority to denigrate someones informative post?

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