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Pictures of Honda's 125 "Hunter Cub" are all over the 'net and even though at this point it's just a very well finished prototype many small bore/scooter forums are buzzing about this bike coming to the U. S., maybe as a 2021. If you squint your eyes it looks just like the '86 CT-110 but has all kinds of stuff that'll appeal to buyers today such as F. I., disc brakes, ABS, etc.

American Honda is tight lipped at this point. I've already put in a bid at a dealer to buy the first one they can get. Based upon the looks of the bike displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show many believe this is a pre-production prototype, not something out of a stylist's studio.

Why do folks want it? Some of it is pure sloppy sentimentality for the CT-90/110's folks had when they were younger. Some see it as the ultimate RV bike.

For me it's the answer to my moto-prayers and I'm already planning a trip to ride as much of the original "Dixie Highway" as possible from Indy to Miami and back.

Like the already released Super Cub it'll help satisfy a pent up demand for true lightweight motorcycles--and I promise to learn to understand it's F. I.
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