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Originally Posted by Prii View Post
I am currently brainstorming ideas for an aerodynamically clean cargo trailer to pull behind my Prius for a cross-country move. I have a basic 4'x8' flatbed utility trailer (which knocks 10-15 mpg off the Prius even when unloaded), a longer converted boat trailer and a narrower jet ski trailer. My thought is to try to keep the trailer's frontal area well within the frontal area of the Prius. I need to protect the contents from weather so am toying with building a very lightweight "poor man's fiberglass" shell. I also am thinking the bottom should be sheathed to cut down friction from the road surface. Anyone have any ideas/experience along these lines?
I've mentioned it before, perhaps in this thread, but my Prius gets better fuel economy pulling a 4x8 trailer when it is loaded vs unloaded. This is assuming the 2' sidewalls are up. When that box is empty, it acts as a parachute. Full, it's hardly noticeable at steady cruising.

With the sides removed (flat trailer), I can't tell the trailer is attached at all.

If you're running walls, the best thing you can do is find something to cover the cavity. Start there and see if additional work is worth the cost/time.

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