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Looking for a manual Insight decent mileage willing to pay good money

Mods delete if I'm in the wrong area, or feel free to copy and place into the correct area, or if you're awesome P.M. to someone you think might want to sell their daily insight

Hey guys, I Sold my insight 2 years ago (had less than 98K on it) and bought a Prius :/. I'm looking to go back to Honda, but I want something that an enthusiast has owned or daily drives for years. Grid Charger is a plus, something that has upgraded batteries or still has the functioning Battery in it. I'm not afraid of modifing anything, I have a CNC machine to make parts. prefer something that has not been in an accident.

Willing to pay $3k-$5k for decent mileage, decent transmission(not too horrible syncro's), preferrably adult owned and maintained. Color doesn't matter, I just want 5-speed is a must. I'm not too picky just want something nice for the money.

I'm hardly ever on here(the forums in general) but feel free to reach out to me through email(if this is allowed) if you are serious about selling your daily, I'm located in Sarasota, FL. I have been on this forum for a couple of years, just haven't had that much time to stay super active since I sold my Insight. shoot me an email if you have pictures of what you drive Brettwcollins at gmail dot com (trying to avoid bot emails)

Thanks guys/gals,
Brett Collins
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