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Originally Posted by Tahoe_Hybrid View Post
a better question is why is everyone using the 100% conversion of gas I guess it's the same people who think solar roadways is a great product .. or can pull water out of the air into a water bottle

using 100% conversion rate is claiming it's equal to 3 gallons of gas

=300 miles but in reality it's 10 gallons of gas as noted by the CX-3 which is = to the mustang version..

also btw the part were it says "Fossil Fuel Free" is a joke it should just say powered by Fossil Fuel Coal,CNG and nuclear ( are types of fossil fuels)

so unless your generating the power from wind or solar on site to the "electric car" you are still generating emissions.. that will never be off set..

unless you live near a hydro power plant it's not fossil free or negative offset
What else should be used to approximate the energy economy of electric vehicles?
All the mpge does is show how inefficient regular gas burners are.
The only people who still think solar road ways are a good idea are the people trying to sell them. I have always antagonized them, even when they were brand new and hadn't been tested.

I know there is nothing fossil fuel free about electric cars. When you remind people of this over on the Nissan leaf forum they get all bent out of shape.
People here are not that delusional.
I know my leaf gets about 2 miles to a pound of coal.
Wind or solar power on the gird is only there because it rides on the backs of stable, reliable, controlable fossil fuel, fissile fuel power and some times hydro power.
Solar power tends to be more predictable, is easier to control than wind and comes on line and produces peak power when demand tends to peak.

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