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Is this real life *checks if it's April 1*...

Elon is the worst at unveiling new stuff, as if he didn't rehearse, which he probably didn't. I assume he was thinking of more interesting stuff than how to present a product in front of millions of people.

The deposit is only $100 this time, for a target date 2 years out. Either Tesla doesn't need to raise the capital as badly as last time, or people aren't falling for that trick again.

Still can't believe the style is that stark and cold. I don't see it having mass appeal. Perhaps Musk solved the "production hell" by not forming anything. Just take the raw flat sections of material and weld them on. Eliminate half the tooling.

The price seems incredibly good if it's as advertised... like a major leap in battery manufacturing good. 250 mile range in the base truck for $40k... It's got to have a ~125 kWh battery... in the lowest range option. Twice that for the long range version. That's more than twice the capacity of the Model 3+ (~50 kWh) at the same price point.

I don't know what the deal with the bulletproof doors and tough windows are. Unless the body is structural, it doesn't need to be so tough. Always thought the stainless steel of the Delorean was neat and wondered why nobody else had copied that.

EDIT: I bet the the guy was supposed to throw the steel ball at the front windshield and not the side one. It's the front ones that are laminated, and the side ones use safety glass.
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