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Well, this time Tesla seems to have control over the battery situation, and they've learnt a thing or 2 from the Model 3 production hell; the Model Y for instance will have way less wiring and the floor is a single casting.

The truck should be easier to build still; no need to press body parts into shape if the required shape comes straight like that from the steel mill. No need for a paint shop either. And exoskeleton is just a fancy word for a self-supporting body, like the existing models have.

I like it! Styling wise Musk kept his promise. It indeed looks somewhat like an APC, it is tough, it certainly is like nothing else on the road.
I'd never buy one though - I'd immediately sell it if I got it for free. But just because it is too big to move around in Europe, can't park it wherever I have to.

The real news is the incredibly low price for its specs. That brings hope that the other models may drop in price in the future.
If Tesla ever makes a Model 2 it would be really affordable.
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