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Originally Posted by Snax View Post
Absolutely the biggest takeaway from this despite the styling. It can carry more, tow more, and go over more than any other light truck in production now or likely to be available at the time of it's intended production - and at a price that will likely be competitive if not handily beat out competitors like Ford or Rivian.

Even a base F-150 is just shy of $30k. They didn't go into all of the features, but a tilting bed and built in retracting tonneau cover are absolutely not part of the Ford feature set.
It can't carry or tow or go over more than any other light truck, it's pretty average on those specs. A F150 may have an MSRP of 30k or more but it's pretty common to get them 15-20% off MSRP. Also towing 10,000 pounds is one thing, towing 10,000 pounds on the average 300-500 mile trip is another. Those ranges will be 1/3 while towing the average camper and recharge times will be in the hours not minutes a gasser recharges. So drive an hour, charge an hour, is going to get really old really fast.

I don't think in the end they will be any less expensive (4wd to 4wd) than the Rivian with it's incentives, which will beat it to market by I bet 2 full years. The Rivian looks much better too.


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