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Originally Posted by thingstodo View Post
I agree that the truck looks ... weird. And that's disappointing.

Everything else about it is great. Range, towing, built-in inverter, ground clearance. I don't really need a bullet-proof truck. But it's good that it does not scratch or dent.

Maybe the look will grow on me. I remember the ford Taurus (original jelly bean shape) looked very odd when it was released. 5 years later everything seemed to look like that. I doubt that Elon has started a new trend, and I doubt that anyone who wants one will have to wait for a large backlog to be produced to 'fill latent demand'.

I like the idea that police forces around the world will jump on board for these. There are a *LOT* of police forces.

The only part of the truck .. and it's a *LARGE* part .. that I don't like (and it sounds like this is pretty common ... HUGE SARCASM ... ) is the looks. It doesn't work to change out the body .. since that is the structure of the truck.

Perhaps there will be a *HUGE* and varied aftermarket for body kits that will make it look ... less weird? Stainless is tough to glue things to, welding is sort of a specialty, maybe the body kits will rivet onto it? That'll void the warranty, but it could be worth it! Carbon fiber panels riveted onto the stock panels should not change enough to mess with the crash testing stuff. It will mess up the aero a bit but I'd be willing to sacrifice some range for some semi-custom looks. The carbon fiber should not weigh enough to change the handling much.

I wonder how much carbon fiber would be needed to make it look like a Super GT?
If the performance is associated with the 'looks,' then there's no reason to change it.We'd finally have 'death of the Paris dressmaker.' Which I'd have been praying for since 1926,if old enough.I'm not saying that the shape is 'ideal,' however,they're knocking on the door.And like an aircraft fuselage,airship envelope,or submarine outer hull,you basically just leave the 'styling' alone for the rest of time.
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