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Did you read this before responding to the other thread?

When I showed the picture to people yesterday everyone asked if I was injured, which was why I chose the title that I did.

My sister told me that our sister-in-law wanted to sell me her 2007 Acura TL for "cheap." I did not have any idea what that meant. I definitely considered $250 cheap for my Accord. At the time I found similar ones for $1,750--and up. You can still find people asking $5,000 for twenty-year-old Accords. They are great cars, but they are not $5,000 cars.

A 2007 TL with 175,000 is valued at $4,200 by KBB. My sister said that I would need to fix some things. That is like saying "Xist, you are going to have some complications with your project."

Of course I would need to fix some things--and I would have complications.

Each time my Accord broke down Mom asked my sister about the Acura. We finally had an update. The rack and pinion had a bad leak and the power steering fluid ruined the alternator. My sister asked "Do you want us to tow the car to my house?"
"No, I sold it for $500."

I would have paid her much more than that. Oh well. My Accord ran fine.

Then I proceeded to rip off the front bumper and rip apart the resonator.
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