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Just catching up:
Originally Posted by RedDevil
I'd never buy one though - I'd immediately sell it if I got it for free. But just because it is too big to move around in Europe, can't park it wherever I have to.

The real news is the incredibly low price for its specs. That brings hope that the other models may drop in price in the future.
I just posted in the Arcimoto thread about their 3rd quarter investor's call. Now fully certified for sale in the USofA, their next goal is Europe. I thought it would be SE Asia. Arcimoto will prolly be available in Europe before the Cybertruck.

Curiously, a base model Cybertruck goes for the price of two Arcimoto Evergreens.

As for the Cybertruck itself, vinyl wraps and Plastidip. Those flat panels will attract graffitti artists so why not beat them to it. Plus it will reduce accidents when the sun is low in the sky.

The tonneau is a tambour that rolls down behind the back seat. If you want to know the intended market, look at the wheels and tires. The suspension is active but will it lay frame?


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