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I do have a couple of complaints about the Cybertruck...

1. The steering wheel, a Knight Rider style wheel isn't going to cut it as far as practical use.
2. Its big, I was hoping for a mid sized truck because they are easier to maneuver in tight spaces.
3. Its ugly but I can live with that (in fact its growing on me).
4. It probably doesn't have a spare tire.

What I like
1. The adjustable suspension, It can get low enough to make it easy to load/unload unlike my wifes 2015 F150.
2. The ramp tailgate which is far more useful than the GM gimmicky tailgate that they came out with.
3. Scratch and dent resistance. Everything I own has extra pin stripes from thorn bushes.
4. It might actually be more a semi-capable off-roader.
5. For $2000 more than the Y it has more room, more range, and more cargo space. Final price isn't set in stone though so we will see.
6. With the 220 outlet it can transfer charge to another electric car at a decentish rate.

Personally I think this is targeted at people who don't typically need or use a truck to its full potential. But I think the same for all of the other electric truck manufacturers.

Unibodies have been done on pickups before, Jeep Commando, Honda Ridgeline for example.

I put a deposit on one today, figuring there will be an option for a normal steering wheel, I can throw a spare in the bed and live with the rest of the issues.
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