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Less IS more!
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Another Metro to get taller final drive & XFi cam

Well metrompg........
This monday the 21 st of January in the year 2008, Espresso Nero will go where you treaded and paved the way. She is already gathering warmth in a garage.

I bought a new FXi cam and the final gears from a 4 banger. These will replace what she was born with in Oshawa in 1994.

As my car is lighter than yours by about 200 pounds, I expect to be up there in the 80 miles to the gallon on the highway. My goal is 3,5 liters for 100 km.
Some go for power, others for speed,
and some are looking for the best way to pop an eardrum.
The search for perfect weight hanging from the doors along with backlights that titillates the taste buds is a costly hobby also.
Then there is us, the nerds of the automobile colony, the ones who aren't afraid to glue coroplast in their wheelwells, the ones who use racing discs not to race. The ones who discard rear seats because, lets face it: nobody uses them.
The world is watching....
I salute you.....

Less IS more !
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