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An unusual source for an article, I only quoted part of it.

Aerodynamicists: the engineers who want to tear your car apart

Modern cars are beautiful things, but there are people in this world who would like to tear them to pieces, people like Rob Carstairs, an aerodynamicist at Ford.

“The first thing I’d get rid of is the side mirrors. Off they go, that’d be great," said Carstairs. His reason for wanting your side mirrors gone is purely scientific: “They are useless for aerodynamics,” he said.

It isn’t just mirrors that are a thorn in the side for aerodynamicists. In his pursuit of aero perfection, Carstairs would scrap and change a lot of the things we take for granted on modern cars in order to create the most fuel efficient vehicle he possibly can by reducing drag.

The dream for an aerodynamicist is a vehicle that directs the flow of air smoothly all the way over the vehicle, without any disturbances.

That dream happens to look like a teardrop. A teardrop shape allows air to flow smoothly, while the long tail solves the problem of vacuums that are created as air leaves the roof and the trunk. A car this shape would easily be the most fuel efficient on the road.

But there are many reasons why these things aren’t solely left up to aerodynamicists, not least because most people don’t want to drive a car that looks like a giant teardrop.
I'd gladly drive a teardrop shaped car or truck.

Many Ford vehicles now also have a slight flick in the tail lamps to stop the air flow from wrapping round the vehicle and causing added drag – an ingenious and mostly cost-free improvement in aerodynamics.’
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