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I don't like horrible (bad manners, drunks, ignorant, fake) people.

Your wifes???
I didn't knew you were a mormon.

What uncle Jordan says about polygamy???

Kidding... I knew you refered about the family of your wife... My grammar is not that bad at all.

Anyway, the girl in the picture, the one in the right lower corner, is the prettier one and the youngest one. I presume mormon women see a man with more wives as a greater man, and that's why the man get better looking wives in the later wives, let's say.

King James wanted to marry again and to be allowed he created his own Bible.
Someone wanted a lot of wives and created mormon religion.

Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
The problem is you don't like people.

I'm perfectly happy spending any amount of time with either my family or my wife's.

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