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Looking for expert turbocharger advice for Honda K20

I am putting together an eco minded K20 for commuting. Engine is a hybrid K20...... K20a2 block, K20a3 head, K24a4 Intake manifold. CR sits at 11.7:1. While the redline of the engine will be capped at 7500 im not too worried about max performance at high RPMS, what I DO want is a torquey K20 with low RPM snap and as little turbo lag as possible. The original plan was to use the Garrett GT2554R which would be good for 220WHP but I'm thinking I can get more power with the same spool with a slightly larger turbo. I've tried to ask this same question in the large K series turbo friendly forums but since I'm not talking about 500+hp 9800 rpms it's hard to get someone who knows to chime in.

Here is a link to the build thread

Thanks for any input.

2003 Honda Off road 4x4 Insight / 2003 Civic sedan Eco K20 turbo swap (if there ever was such a thing)
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