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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
0.30 de-obfuscates and captures wayward periods.

The chamfers that reduce the stagnation area and the softly angled edges that reattach longitudinal vortexes, as aerohead is discussing in the other thread, suggest it is carefully reasoned. Not to mention the separation edge in the rear.
The Cybertruck caused me to dig into the S.R.Ahmed body research,1984,and that of P.W.Bearman et al,from 1982 (SAE Journals and Transactions).
Between the two,you can almost 'build' the Cybertruck.And the sharp edges return remarkable performance with a touch of 'chamfer.' It appears that separation bubbles are intentionally designed into the Tesla,in order to take advantage of what attached vortices can do.It's all hiding in plane view.Very clever.
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