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In the first stage it will be just 91 octane and 5 psi/low boost but on a typical drive to work I can see making it there without actually going into boost (90%freeway), the idea is the efficiency 'switch' is the gas pedal itself, soon after the car is running I will start adding in E85 and playing with it. I also have plans to play with the Hondata injector driver and a second fuel system and/or CNG still too soon to tell but the first step is to get the car running on 91. Keep in mind I'm under no illusions that making huge power with a small turbo and high compression is possible or ideal.

FWIW the original idea I had with my drinking buddies was an ICE engine that will outlast gasoline but still run on the stuff while its prevalent. Also it it IS a fail it's easy to change up/disassemble/sell/etc.
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