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On fuels, after the car is tuned and running as best as it can on 91, I will run it for a good 6 months, and document the results, then do the same on E85 and as long as the cost does not prohibit for some odd reason I will stay on E85 and start leaning it out. at that point I will have a 20/30 gallon capacity? keep in mind my commute is (one way) 26 miles in 25-35 minutes. 2 miles Las Vegas City traffic, the rest is open freeway. 6 days a week.

I have also done my homework on CNG conversion (all 4 of my Hondas have aftermarket ECU stuff available) There is a huge pump on my direct commute although it's not much cheaper than gas, ***If ANYONE reading this has knowledge on a home pump please let me know*** That is very interesting to me and hoping to go that route with all my cars however with the civic..... subtract all the swap parts and its nothing but a $500 car even if mint so I'm going to cut it into a pick-up truck for (A) the fun of it (B) dont need 4 seats (C) can easily add tanks in the rear including a proper truck sized CNG tank (Utahns know what I mean)...... crazy, yes I know.
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