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Originally Posted by RedDevil View Post
It is your good right to think that.
I think that Franz von Holzhausen started out with a couple of restrictions which did include 16" clearance, 6 seats, a 6.5' bed, flat panels etc. and excluded any trace of traditional truck design.

Then they made a simulation model in which the front and rear slope were variables, ran that through simulations to get a bunch of reasonable compromise truck designs to build and test in the wind tunnel and the one that came out best is what they've shown.

Just guessing of course. It is what I would have done if I were in that position.
I agree with you to the point of "the one that came out best in the wind tunnel won". Just simply losing the fender flairs (the most common pickup feature on the thing) would help a ton. I also think limiting the front headroom more and using a flat panel going back to the back seat would also improve aero but at the expense of looking more normal.

I do hope one day when it doesn't matter all of Musk's secrets and thought processes are shared somehow. I mean, he's pretty good at getting stoned an opening a window on Twitter or in an interview, but it would be cool to see all the actual concept iterations over time.
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