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I think artists (with basic engineering knowledge) drew up a bunch of concept sketches, Elon picked this one. Then they started modeling it sticking to the sketch and fine tuned a few things aero wise
The real trick is picking the artist/engineers. The fine tuning is completed?
I think that Franz von Holzhausen started out with a couple of restrictions....

Then they made a simulation model ... to build and test in the wind tunnel and the one that came out best is what they've shown.
It's designed around the human body so H-point, sight-lines, etc., are given. The rest is just aerospace technology.
I agree with you to the point of "the one that came out best in the wind tunnel won". Just simply losing the fender flairs (the most common pickup feature on the thing) would help a ton. I also think limiting the front headroom more and using a flat panel going back to the back seat would also improve aero but at the expense of looking more normal.
Are you quite sure? Somewhere I saw Elon Musk discussing the 'bubbles around the wheels' [citation needed]. Are there air curtains yet/already?

The limitation is the refractive index of the glass.

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