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Who has an entire day to just lounge around?!

I had a four-day weekend and hardly got anything done, although I did most of the Thanksgiving cooking. I tried to do things on Saturday, but couldn't figure out why everything took so long. I woke up with a sore throat, went to urgent care, picked up medicine and chicken noodle soup, and then came home. All that I really did on Sunday was rest. I kept trying to sleep, but my sore throat prevented that, so I finally laid down and watched whatever YouTube played automatically.

There is one junkyard in-town, but their Accords are 1992 or older. I had not thought of looking for ones in other towns. I found one just over half an hour away and they have three Accords of my vintage, but I needed to waste over an hour finding out they did not have any resonators, although maybe someday I will need a part they actually have.

I needed a nap after that trip!

I have not called any Phoenician junkyards, but I do not know when I will be down there, although I heard back from LKQ. They want $86.47! I could have ordered one from a dealership for $74.25 (although that promotion ended).
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