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I have been doing some research, comparing reports, analysis, and just giving it a bit of thinking since the reveal.

This is the math that has me ready to approach the family comptroller (my wife) with putting $100 down.

Tesla Cybertruck
Stainless Steel Dual Motor AWD $59,400
Full Self-Driving ($7,000)
Solar Panel bed cover (guestimate is around $2,500)
Trailer brake controller (guessing standard?)

Compare to Jeep Gladiator
Hydro Blue Pearl Rubicon $58,655
Winch Capable Steel Front Bumper
3 piece hard top with liner and trifold tonneau cover with bedliner and cargo rail system
Clothe seats, upgraded sound system, all weather matts
Trailer Package, remote start, Cold weather group,
Active Safety group and Adaptive Cruise control

Compare to Tesla Model Y
Deep Blue Metallic Long Range AWD Model Y $60,000
18" Aero Wheels
Black, Five seat interior
Full Self Driving ($7,000)
$2,500 down (Fully refundable) a time of order.

The small and large individual decisions that lead to the final decision to why someone buys a particular vehicle are weighted by that individual and I get why some people think the Cybertruck is not for them.

Our main car has been a stationwagon of some kind since I bought a Subaru Legacy Wagon (used). A Jetta Sportwagen TDI and a couple of Outbacks (on our second) have also been in the mix over the last few decades. Selling the TDI back to VW and using it to get a Leaf for commuting and short trips broke us into the world of EV ownership.

By the time the Cybertruck is actually shipping (and the initial cost balancing has happened in the first year or so as happened to the Model 3) to people who are putting down their reservation now, I am guessing the current Subaru will be closer to the cost to maintain (both money and mental) point that might not balance against the willingness to deal with a loan payment. Also should be able to save some money towards putting more money down on Cybertruck, lowering finance costs.

Sure, this is planning for 3 or more years out, but fingers crossed, I will be in a similar situation employment wise and this will be something that can be done.

I would be happy to elaborate on my thinking on this and my research, if any one is interested.
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