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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
Earlier in the year Tesla bought out Maxwell and their solid state battery technology, they said it would be market ready in 2020/21. That happens to be when the Cybertruck comes out. Tesla's already said it will weigh the same as a F150, and the only way they'll do that is with solid state batteries.

Game over. Solid state batteries are the last nail in the ICE coffin.
That would be cool, but no possible way they sell a single truck in 2020, slim to none 2021, I personally don't believe it will be 2022 either. Good news on the idea of solid state batteries though as that gives them more time to make that a possibility. I still bet the model year is 2023 and it just uses the same thing they have now but 200-225 kWh and overall weight of 6000-6500 pounds.

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