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Originally Posted by Hersbird View Post
That would be cool, but no possible way they sell a single truck in 2020, slim to none 2021, I personally don't believe it will be 2022 either. Good news on the idea of solid state batteries though as that gives them more time to make that a possibility. I still bet the model year is 2023 and it just uses the same thing they have now but 200-225 kWh and overall weight of 6000-6500 pounds.
You assume Tesla will hit delays like they did in the past.

But Tesla learned and is doing things differently now.
The China factory was finished ahead of schedule and is producing cars already.
Production of the Powerwalls and grid storage are way up; battery supplies must have accelerated.
The Model Y was expected to hit the market late 2020, but the last signs are the Y production line in Fremont is almost ready.
Parts suppliers have received increased parts orders for the Y and the Semi, so pending official confirmation it is expected Model Y production will actually start in Q1 2020.

With everything going crescendo, why should the truck not join the trend?
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