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Originally Posted by oldtamiyaphile View Post
I'm undecided on the solar option, but I don't think it will cost that much. My van has about the same area as the CT tonneau in panels. Cost me $1000 including all installation supplies and controllers, using quality products. In two years I've gotten 140kWh out of them, parking in the shade whenever possible. That's pretty good considering my OEM battery is generally full after a couple of hours, the rest goes to waste (other than running front and rear dash cams while parked).

The angle of the tonneau is potentially far more suited to panels than my flat roof. I'd guess the ROI will be around 20 years, but they would be worth in for remote area travel if you do run out of juice, a few miles a day could be the difference between making it out alive and not - or even just saving a $2000 tow bill.

I know from my Jeep, which has similar range, that ~300miles is barely adequate. I don't think I can stretch to the 500mile model though.

I'd love for them to do a shorter two door version, but you can only buy what they sell. I'll probably gut the rear seat and that will be bike transport (or possibly sleeping quarters? - could almost fit a bunk bed in there ).
What is the wattage of your panels and the size of your battery?

My understanding the seats fold up and there is under seat storage, so I could definitely see a sleeping option, especially if it is as wide as some claim it is.

What is it about your Jeeps range you find inadequate? I have been around Jeeps off and on and have wanted one for decades (my mom ran an offroad club for a while). (Nevermind, I see that you live in Australia, one of the places that makes the US look crowded)

Having driven around the US, I found that many people do not realize the time they spend off the road in a long car trip. The stops for bathrooms, eating, gas, and 'to stretch the legs'. The older I get, the more often these happen. I have driven 600 miles in 10 hours, but that was not fun nor enjoyable. Sure, it is no Cannonball high speed run, but that included two stops for gas/food/bathroom and another stop just for bathroom/drinks.
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