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Tuners from edge, bullydog/sct wont make a noticeable improvement that pays itself off in any reasonable amount of time. Most Ford and Dodge diesels I owned with various types of ecm flashers and directly plugged in chips saw maybe a .5-1mpg barley on highway road trips.

You would see a steady 1.5mpg with a basic full bead tonneau cover though. You could also look into low rolling resistance tires/skinnier tires. For example I run a 285/75r16 but I am swapping to a 255/85r16 next set wich gives me 1.5in narrower tires and .5in taller. It wont be dramatic but wont look goofy and will help some.

Aeromods are going to be the biggest improvement and a basic full bed tonneau cover brings a steady 1.5mpg boost. it will payitself off super fast in 80 mile daily trips. Also drafting behind bigrigs if your commute has them. You don't have to be an an unsafe distance from them to gain a boost in economy. plus the slower speeds will help even more if time permits of course.

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