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Friday night, 9/12, the alternator died on the way home from work and I had to have the car towed into the shop.

When I went to work that morning the volt light came on for a short time and then went out so I switched the ScanGuage over to watch volts and the ignition readings. About halfway to work the ABS light came on and wouldn't go off and I could hear a definite whine coming from the general area of the alternator. That evening when I left work, the ABS light was back on within 5 minutes of starting the engine so I stopped at an AutoZone and they were kind enough to check the electrical system for me.

Their testing box registered about 9 volts at idle before the guy drew an electrical load and killed the car. It went zip with the load and pop when it stopped and then we just stood still... and then the car wouldn't start again. He managed to jump start if for me and then all the idiot lights were on and the car wouldn't idle unless I held the rpm north of 2K.

I managed to get halfway home when it finally died out on me and thankfully I was able to get off the freeway and into a gas station with some ultimate EoC. Right now I'm waiting on an estimate for the fix but after talking with my mechanic he's of a mind that this could've been part of the reduced fuel mileage if the computer was trying to cut back on system functions to keep the car going.

I don't know though and we'll see what happens once I get back on the road again.

Thanks again for the knowledge above,


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