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With the trailer in tow — on rural South Central U.S. Interstate — I have to know:

1). At what road speed I can downshift from OD to Direct to maximize braking effect (as a diesel has no closed throttle engine braking); so as to,

2). Undertake any high speed emergency maneuvers contemplated.

As I already know I can undertake throttle-on violent shoulder to median and back wheel cranks at 55-mph, I can’t really be traveling faster than an rpm which allows a downshift so fast it happened yesterday.

Have to bring the engine back in at under 2900-rpm (redline).

As that would be a speed I might (unlikely) undertake to pass a drunk, I don’t sweat it.

But I do bring it up for your own vehicle and habits. No wheelspin, full steering control.

Take the test. A normal load of 75% or better. Wet road.

A severe downslope highway exit with a turn near the end under icy conditions.

A kid can learn to upshift easily. What separates him from men is the dangerous conditions downshifts where brakes alone are a VERY bad idea.

Some of the tankers I drove were 18 shifts on the way up, and another 18 on the way down. Bright, sunny days with no traffic or hills. (Eleven shifts and barely above 20-mph and a big intersection).

Proficiency is up and down. Thus, “every gear every time”, is a basic.


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