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“Imagine a road train”.

Electricity is the master, not the servant. Any endeavor. Wake up.

I’ll imagine it just fine in a hurricane evac where the magic 150-mile mark is broached. Everyone else’s 3-5/mpg problem is broken.

If I still lived in hurricane country I’d have the 100-gal transfer tank given to me but never installed and then gave away. 135-gals total.

80% of which at 4-mpg crawl with trailer in tow is well past 400-miles. Heavy traffic with stop/go problems per volume farther inland, a 50% reduction from normal vacation travel is still 800-miles of range with a 35-gallon reserve.

And I won’t need hotel reservations.

So, THE REAL QUESTION, is what would be the cost of a trailer-mounted diesel-powered high-speed electric car charging system where two weeks near-constant use paid for it plus any expenses incurred. As there’s an electric car sucker born every minute.

20X normal cost. 50? 250? 2,000? Ha! Take it or leave it. Just like US pharmaceuticals.

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