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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
I don't have the provenance for that pic, but from memory, it was a New Yorker/300H(-ish) frankenstein. Just based on the wheels and ghost flames.

I celebrated Gobble-til-you-wobble day by rewatching Alice's Restaurant Massacree (Live at Farm Aid 2005) and Arlo Guthrie/I Can't Help Falling In Love With You

If that aluminum Type II body-in-white were 3mm thick and dipped in liquid Nitrogen and retempered, it might be a stout as the stainless steel.
I remember the wagon you posted. Correct as to hot rod.

But let’s go farther. Cognitive Dissonance re cars circa 1970 and all newer is that the 1961 Chrysler was emblematic of, we were going somewhere . . . and it was lost. Erased. Memory-holed. JFK murder was the systemic shock from which recovery wasn’t possible. 300-years of enthusiasm trashed.

Invention (not just in cars; everywhere) comes to a dead halt same period. Beatles, Vatican II, so called Civil Rights Movement. Same moment. (Anyone for a pre-1964 Winchester 70?). SAT scores fell off a cliff.

The Astra-Dome steering wheel cluster pic. I use that as a screen saver on the phone.

We were taught to make fun of the “excesses” of the late 1950s car styling by those whose verbal intelligence is above average, but whose creativity lags mid-pack. Can’t see or hear, in comparison. Are frightened by. Have to steal to remain relevant.

Them who can, pay attention.

(So, FB, your Turkey Day was a CIA/MK-Ultra Music Fest, eh?)

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