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Originally Posted by redpoint5 View Post
I'm thinking a Cybertruck could replace 2 vehicles in my stable too, albeit 2 cheap vehicles with an insanely expensive one (most I've spent was $17k, which I consider extremely expensive).

I'd let the old Dodge/Cummins go... no idea what it's worth, but probably not much more than the motor. $3-4k perhaps? I would probably also turn in the company vehicle and drive the Cybertruck instead. Work would pay some portion of the monthly payments and "maintenance", plus reimburse work miles at the federal rate.

Never selling the Acura since that's the last manual transmission my family will ever see. Plus, it's probably only worth $5k now or so, which is less than I value it at. Of course, never selling the motorcycle. Everything else can go though.
I bought my 3-model year old pickup (signature) for $19k before trade-in. Wrote off the rest of the cost. Have since spent $500 in repairs.

I mention this as last I looked, the used market is showing nearly $16k for the same as mine.

$3k depreciation in 13-years.

Rebuilding some vehicles far more cost effective than other new or used.

A friend with both a cherry Ď98 Powerjoke and a 2-million mile 600HP early ISM Cummins Peterbilt is in same position. Worth as much or more than what paid a dozen years back.

I disbelieve anything made by Tesla will ever be cheap to own. As service is where the profit lays.

Re-consider on the Dodge. If itís pre-2008 or so, rebuild & restore canít go wrong. They wonít make peak auto (say 1996-2006) ever again.

What has come since isnít any significant improvement versus unreal cost raises.

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