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Originally Posted by ldjessee00 View Post
Yes, he is a very knowledgeable with lots of experience.

What I found most shocking and was totally new information was the huge difference weight makes in being injured in an accident.

Yes. And, No. It matters what type accident. Pickups are rollover prone. A function of design. While rollovers comprise but 3% of accidents, they are 25% of fatalities.

Think, instead, stability.

Take a folding ladder. Put your cute little 105-lb wife’s feet one foot above ground. Now put your lard-butt 240-lbs with feet four foot off the ground.

Which version greater stability?

While some design factors can help (Hummer design), ground clearance and off-road capable make a high risk vehicle.

Aero is nice. But what’s the weight percentage FF/RR? 50/50 like a race car? Low center of gravity? These DON’T go with “ pickup” (or Hummer, very bad crashes at speed).

Tripping hazards. (Takes very little to get a pickup airborne). Today’s roads are better than 20 years ago. But that can rapidly go backwards.

The half-ton I previously owned was a 2001 with vestigial backseat and 6’ bed. 132” wheelbase. With driver and max fuel was just over 5,000-lbs. Same as a 120” WB 300S all else the same for weight. But all the advantages of physics accrue to the Mercedes-design sedan. Even were it 1,000-lbs lighter.

“Weight” only works in a few types of crashes. The majority of serious injury or death wrecks are single vehicle.

The heavier it is, the fewer the options avoiding a crash in the first place

My 20,000-lb Peterbilt is as scary as any other semi. Takes NOTHING to roll one. So you die when you illegally allow only a 200’ clearance between me and your rear bumper as you enter the highway? See if I care. I have to make sure I don’t roll it after smushing your insect-mobile (as they all look nowadays).

Given limits on size where “more” doesn’t benfit (is harmful), a car of

122” wheelbase
4,000-lbs curb weight
Fully independent suspension
Short front & rear overhang

Is the best vehicle available. Ergo, the Dodge Charger/Chrysler 300. Long production means no gremlins plus high reliability. Fleet vehicle. Fix it anywhere by anyone. Excellent performance & fuel economy with V6 engine. Pull a 7k Airstream if you want. All five family members aboard.

Build an insulated temp/humidity controlled garage.

Laugh at the electric idiots for the next 15+ years.

The early production Magnum wagon was exported to Europe as a Chrysler with a snappy 3.0L Mercedes turbodiesel & 5-Auto. Do a retrofit with something similar as time goes on.

Laugh louder and longer.


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