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Originally Posted by freebeard View Post
This one looks taut:

Where this one looks much looser.

Is that a real difference or a trick of the light?

The tailgate bulkhead looks to be an opportunity to tension it. Fold into place and then pull back a fraction of an inch on the trailing edge.

There is a trailing step edge of 2-3" at the cab. It's reaching for the shape it wants to be. Is there room in the folding mechanism for curved front edges? Do you have a picture of the bare frame erected?
You are correct, Freebeard, in one of the pictures the cover is fairly taut, while in the other picture the cover is much looser. The material that I used for the cover was some sort of heavy nylon canvas which I bought from a local fabric shop. Unfortunately, this material is very sensitive to the temperature and it expands when it is cold and shrinks when it is warm or the sun is on it, which is not optimal for this application. My next version of this cover will have a much more robust material (convertible canvas) that should not have this problem.

I'm pretty sure I could curve the front edge - below is a picture of the bare frame.

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