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Originally Posted by Vman455 View Post
This is freaking cool!

What might be going on is the air under the cap is stagnant, and at ambient pressure or close to it, whereas the air moving over the outside of the cap, even though it's regaining pressure as it moves back, is at lower pressure. High pressure inside/low pressure outside => inflation. That's not necessarily a bad thing; this article-interview with a GM aerodynamic engineer quotes her as saying,

I think you'll need sensitive measurement to see any difference between this and a hard cover, but if you can manage that the results should be interesting as to which is better. I'm not sure which I'd put my money on.
I was thinking the same thing, VMAN. It appears that the air outside the cap is a lower pressure than the air inside the cap causing the shape change. From my tuft testing, it appears that this is a good thing... I think.
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