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I have a way to couple two units with communications to pass information <->. The slave unit could be used for VVT. I have a Scion xA so I have been thinking about it.

How I did this. It all started as dream for optimal engine control about 1971. At that time I developed an optical driven CDI for a slant six Dodge Coronet. I was still in high school. I then went to college, and talked with my instructors, they said that the 50 cent points would never be replaced. That did not crush my dreams, most companies had electronic ignition by the time I graduated BSEE. I then had a delay of over 25 years while raising a family and working jobs. I spent much time thinking and researching. Only about 2% of the information found on EFI on the WWW is true. When I went to build the system it seemed as if I had divine help.
If I was not getting forgetful, I could do more. I think I need a sidekick.

I will post some of the screen shots for the user interface a bit later.
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