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Originally Posted by da mods
New rule! No more climate change discussion on EcoModder for one month.

You might call it a cooling-off period.

(I'm here all week. Try the veal.)

If it were my decision alone, I'd ban the topic outright. Unfortunately, there are two benevolent dictators around here, and we compromised.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Happy we can talk-about-reality-again day everyone!

There were some big developments that I've forgotten about already but let start with an especially good S0, that went up this morning:

Today's Featured Links:
GOCE Below Antarctica:
Unreal Atmosphere Chemistry Tracking:
Earth Observing Fleet:
XMM Newton Anniversary:
Plants, Ultrasonic While Stressed:
Universe NOT Still Expanding:

Plants scream, but they have high-pitched squeaky little voices.
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