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This looks basically like extreme rollerblading. He's slaloming to bleed speed just like you do with rollerblades and that's worst part of it, there is not emergency stopping, or turning for that matter. You have so much momentum and so little surface area in contact, that only small adjustments are possible. This looks like the most thrilling thing I've ever seen! I'm sure he's done this stunt before he video taped it. I'm impressed at just how fast he accelerates as soon as puts his arms back. I've skated several times with a blown bearing and it doesn't do anything other than act as a brake. My problem with this is he would burn up wheels really fast, and one or two of those going out could be a problem, but even if they just wear down gradually like they're supposed to, you'd only get 100 miles out of a set tops, and he must have a couple dozen on his outfit.

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