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•The car is not sitting on the ground plane, would this effect how to interpret the front and top of the car?

Is the ground plane moving? Are the wheels represented?

•I had two options for mapping, pressure or velocity. Is one better to look at or is it a combination of the two that makes the data interpretable?

They interoperate, or something. There should be some algorithm to combine the results.

•Is there anything that you guys suggest I try and mock up and test?

Is this analyzing a 2D plane though the centerline of the vehicle? If so it's meaningless. The entire 3D form is necessary.

•The first thing I wanted to test was the simple hood height (because of visibility and simplicity), the only differences I see is a lower high pressure (on the scale) and a more localized section of low pressure where the windshield and the roof meet.

The only difference I see is the speed and pressure. What hood height difference is there? Once again, the 3D form is significant. A Jeep and a VW Beetle have flat windshields at a similar angle. But the Jeep's is square while the Beetle has a teardrop that has been truncated at the front. It's body is widest at the C-pillar.

I looked around a bit. You may find answers at

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