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Originally Posted by oil pan 4
They're going to bring wooly mammoths back.
I seem to remember a movie franchise kind of like that and it didn't go well.
If it's the franchise I think you mean it was because they used frog DNA. In the age of Pepe the Frog, it's obvious that frogs are agents of Chaos.

Everybody's circling the topic? 'Nancy-pants' Pelosi was at some climate conference usurping the Executive function of foreign policy. Did anyone take notice?

G. Thunberg was pronounced Person Of The Year by some magazine. Anyone notice?

It's going to be hard to quote Youtube videos from now on. Last evening I tried to open their site three time before I figured out I had to touch their new Terms of Service , and each time I was forced to see a full screen video of some furry dystopia called CATS. Before the Terms of Service.

The only thing I saw that affects lurkers is a prohibition on downloading their videos. Eventually, I'll see if the downloader sites have been blocked. But their response to COPPA is disturbing.

I recommend (along with DDG) *****ute or Dropspace. Dropspace loaded fine last night but today it redirects to a login page for someone named jonathan stevens.???

I'm not responsible for the ****** overwriting b*tch*t*. Bit Shoot, eh.

I read at one source that 8kun is now on a block of DOD IP addresses.
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