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Dartmouth College throws out climate caution flag

Last night on the PBS NEWSHOUR,Dr.Eric Osterberg,glaciologist,Dartmouth College,discussed developments in the Arctic.
Land ice melt continues to accelerate.Ditto for sea ice.Greenland is at 250-billion tons/year ice loss(250-elephants/second).Some bird and fish species are under decline.Bering Strait fisheries are threatened,along with commercial fishing and indigenous population.The Arctic's seen it's second-warmest temperatures,trending upwards.Scientists now believe they're witnessing the 'amplification' kicking in,as melting permafrost releases carbon dioxide and methane,which will ratchet up warming in a continuous positive feedback loop,with non-linear warming trend fed by albedo/greenhouse effects.Sea-level rise will accelerate as Greenland's continental ice is un-corked by loss of sea ice and calves into the ocean.There should be more research,and there is,ongoing.
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